Asquan is a technology and innovation-focused company led by an experienced and dynamic team of beauty industry experts. Our team understands that today’s clients desire more, and we take great pride in our thoughtful and holistic approach: Adept design input, breakthrough innovation, protected IP, faster-to-market lead times, and most importantly, exemplary customer relationships. With these facets, Asquan is fully dedicated to providing everything you need to bring your products to market quickly and successfully.  



Why start another packaging company when there are already so many in the beauty arena?

We get asked this frequently and the answer is simple: We do things differently and we see the gaps. Our core global team is formed from the most highly respected and most experienced in the industry. It allows us to develop ideas quickly and intuitively. This entrepreneurial spirit drives us to hunt down breakthrough innovations from around the world that deliver meaningful benefits to both brands and consumers.
We’re not afraid of challenges and our business is structured in a way that decision making is swift and pragmatic. By bringing passion, progressive ideation, and focused personal service to you and your team we strive to contribute to your success and growth.


Eco-consciousness is increasingly at the heart of everything we do at Asquan, from designing with
purpose in order to minimize environmental impact, to reducing our own carbon footprint as we grow.
Our recently appointed Sustainability Manager, Sera Kinoyan, is on hand to share up-to-the-minute information and regulatory advice on water reduction, eco polymers, recycled polymers, and reusability.
Sera works closely with the Asquan design teams, design and production engineers, and factory R & D teams. She also advises on the latest logistics and supply chain protocol where required.



We pride ourselves in providing the finest, world class manufacturing service focusing on cutting edge
design, speed to market, and competitive pricing.
Since inception we have built strong partnerships with leading facilities across the globe; partnerships that meet with our exacting OC/QA audit protocol.
Our internal team of China based project managers, in-house production engineers, and QA/QC teams work directly with one another to ensure that a seamless dialogue and critical path is followed for your important project from start to finish.


You’ll probably meet us for the first time at a trade show. As a global company, we exhibit around the
world throughout the year.
Our dynamic Sales teams are strategically placed across five continents to ensure you receive an immediate and local response and attention, from sharing our latest innovations with your team, right through to project development and delivery.
We have a truly global outreach combined with a local approach to Project Management.


Eye catching packaging with genuine benefit sets your brand apart from the competition. Our design team has decades of expert knowledge, covering market trends, manufacturing processes, materials and decoration techniques.
Every 12 months they collaborate to produce an Innovation Deck, packed with unique and relevant designs and material forecasts that are 2 years ahead of the market.
As our customer, you’ll get exclusive access as well as the reassurance of our creative support wherever and whenever you want it.
Our innovation studios are strategically located in Los Angeles, China, and London.


Our global innovation studios are equipped with the latest 3D printing technology and our designers are on hand to help bring your ideas to life with world class 3D CAD visualization, in-house SLA machines, fully functional modelmaking and even prototyping.
The team now collaborates with our Design Engineers to iron out any technical challenges in advance of your final creative sign off. Our Design Engineers are experts at transforming initial concepts into feasible products, making sure they not only look good but function perfectly and cost-effectively.
It’s all part of the Asquan service.


Our Production Engineers are all based in China in order to be close to our partner manufacturing facilities. They work hand-in-hand with our Project Managers and QC and QA and in-house factory engineers to ensure the designs you have signed off on are translated accurately into qualified tools.
Once your project is underway, our engineers make sure that the production process is rigorously and continuously monitored and assessed, from initial T1 sampling and color/finish sample board approval, right through to the final production run.


Upon project brief initiation and an established critical path with your Sales Representative, you’ll be allocated your own Project Manager who will ensure the smooth process of your development from the start. Consider them as your extra eyes and ears.
Our PM team is based in China in order to be as close to our manufacturing facilities as possible. Your personal PM can be on-site within hours of your request, working alongside dedicated production engineers and QC/QA, to ensure that our exacting standards and protocol are being met at all times and that your critical path is managed meticulously.
Our China-based team ensures a seamless and efficient relationship with your Sales contact, ensuring a rapid flow of information and dialogue fed back to you and your team, often overnight..


Our internal QC/QA team is strategically placed in China, close to the majority of our manufacturing partners. We make it a priority that Asquan is fully up to date with all international regulations, ensuring full compliance worldwide, working proactively to monitor risk assessment and product testing throughout the development stage.
Our QC/QA team performs their own rigorous audits including on-site raw materials verification, in- line trials, and final inspection and we offer a suite of quality assurance and testing services:
-ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GMPC/ISO 22716


-ISO/IEC 17025 (2005 Testing) ISO/IEC 17025 (2005 Calibration)


Our expert China-based logistics team is the final but vital piece of the Asquan jigsaw. Their unparalleled local knowledge and experience ensure the smooth coordination of all fulfillment, supply chain, and international freight/shipping.