ASQUAN is a boutique global company that develops, sources, creates, produces & markets turn-key beauty solutions with great passion for prestigious brands & retailers all over the globe. With offices in Hong Kong, USA, Europe & Australia we focus on full outstanding customer service and fast-track innovation and on-trend creativity. Thanks to our strategically smart & lean structure, our pricing is extremely effective and competitive. Our teams are extremely experienced on a global level with a perfect blend of Asian and Western communication, we speak over 7 languages!

Henri Tinchant

Founder & President

Henri Tinchant comes from a prestigious European cosmetic industry family. His father was in the manufacturing world for over 60 years. Henri was a pioneer in the cosmetic packaging and manufacturing world by developing some of the very first Taiwanese full service factories that worked with major beauty brands & retailers such as Sephora, Yves Rocher & Pierre Fabre. Over the course of his career Henri had taken part in building some of the industries most successful companies. It was his holistic curiosity into shifting market trends that recently led him back to beauty and in 2016, he created ASQUAN GROUP as a cutting-edge, next generation, design and manufacturing company predicated on speed to market, innovation and exemplary customer relationships. He travels the globe for ASQUAN spending time between California, New York, Hong Kong & Europe and serves on the board of several high-profile US start-up companies. Henri is passionate about the environment, health & is a passionate skier. Henri lives in Europe with his wife and two daughters.

Angel Tsoi


Angel Tsoi is a dynamic and strong business leader with over 30 years’ experience in the world of consumer product sourcing, designing, manufacturing and executing supply chain management solutions worldwide. Angel has worked with Li & Fung, a global leader in the beauty biz, Mast industries (a Limited Brands group), and Avon Cosmetics on leading prestige cosmetic brands, retailers & specialty beauty brands to design, create and manage major product innovations. Angel oversees for the entire global ASQUAN group all areas of general management, production, engineering, logistics & much more. She lives in Hong Kong and travels the globe servicing all of the ASQUAN business partners, clients & brands. She has an MBA from the University of Hull in the UK, a BA in Business from the City University of HK and a High Diploma in Production & Industrial Engineering from the HK Polytechnic University. She also carries program certificates from the MIT Sloan School of Management and the Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. She is an avid hiker, runner, sailor, and scuba diver.