Our highly experienced team of industry specialists are versed in the trends that will “wow,” the details that deserve attention, and the importance of collaborating to bring it all to life. We have cultivated strong partnerships with a curated selection of the best factories to ensure quality and consistency every time. We pride ourselves on being your one-stop concierge for design and development, and we look forward to working with you from start to finish.

It’s your bag and it’s our passion. Together, we’ll be unstoppable.



Asquan believes in making on-trend bags. Bags that build brands, move more products and create unbreakable consumer loyalty. Bags that get people asking that wonderful question “where did you get that bag?”
We also know from decades of global experience that WOW starts way before the bag is ever made. It starts with highly curated factory partnerships that put quality, fine attention to detail and responsibility first.

Our Design, Development and Deliver service is personal and collaborative.

That’s why we call it Atellier: It’s your bag, we’ll help to make it a success. What can we design for you?


Our team has decades of material sourcing experience from the open market and from solid relationships with material suppliers located everywhere from China, Taiwan, Germany, and Italy. We have focused heavily on sustainable options, and we can exclusively offer various recycled-resin materials. If you have a reference of a particular material you’d like to use, we can source it. As infinite as possibilities can be, with materials our stance is that if it exists, we can provide it.