ASQUAN believes in making on-trend bags. Bags that build brands, move products, and create unbreakable consumer loyalty. Bags that get people asking that wonderful question “Where did you get that bag?” We also know from decades of global experience that WOW starts way before the bag is ever made. It starts with highly curated factory partnerships that put quality, fine attention, and responsibility first. It starts with an in-house team of highly experienced bag category specialists who have created for legendary brands such as Marc Jacobs, Nordstrom, Revlon, and many others. Our Design, Develop and Deliver service is concierge and collaborative. It’s your bag. We help you make it a success. What can we design for you?


  • STYLES: cosmetic pouch, vanity case, make up bags, beauty bags, fashion travel accessories, handbags, totes, wallets, product packs, jewellery roller
  • MATERIALS: extensive trend based materials library, including woven, patents, knits, neoprene, Tyvek, vegan
  • PRINT CAPABILITIES: state of the art processes across all formats: screen, photo, HD, Gloss Print, laminate, embossed.
  • MOULDED HARDWARE: pullers, plaques, tags, charms, beads
  • TREATMENTS: custom embossing, embroidery, fringing, whipstitch, die cuts


ASQUAN prides itself on the quality and speed in which it can deliver to its clients. With our collective expertise, we leverage all resources to get you what you want, when you need it:

  • Bespoke finishing options including roller print, heat transfer printing, registered print, laser cut, debossing, embossing, stitching pattern, and more
  • Joint venture with factories ensure the highest quality samples delivered to you at incredibly fast turn-around times