What are the benefits of Airtight Stick packaging?

When we think about stick packaging, deodorants usually come to mind first. However, the demand for  stick packaging versatility is growing across the industry as it’s used more and more across the product spectrum.

So what are the benefits of airtight stick packaging?

Cosmetic airtight stick packaging offers a perfect sealing benefit that will help deliver volatile formulations that require an airtight seal. Their convenient size and format fit into most purses, briefcases or even gym bags, making it a “must have” packaging solution for the on-the-go beauty consumer.

Ultimately, the stick format allows users to easily touch up and refine complexion by swiping it on with ease either during daily commuting or simply when rushing out the door. It’s the perfect solution for beauty-on-the go !

With great attention to consumer trends, we have recently developed new stick packaging solutions and we look forward to introducing them to you.


Twist-and-apply 30g cosmetic stick is ideal for housing blush, solid foundations, balms and highlighters. Simply twist the base and apply the formulation directly onto the skin. This on-trend cosmetic pack offers versatility and seamless application.


A sleek and sophisticated stick with variable fill weight capacity. This top-filled unit is suited to fit a fill weight ranging from 4g to 8g – opening up a range of formulations that can be housed in this one pack. The outer housings are suitable for all forms of decoration, including spray, soft-touch, UV lacquer and vacuum metallization. The outer housings are also suited for secondary processes such as hot stamping and screen printing.

The cap, base, and A-shell can be made out of PCR.

Please make sure to ask your Asquan sales contact for more details.

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