We are beyond beauty

Makeup captures the spirit of self expression like no other medium.

We design the toolsyou become the art

Our Company

Why start another packaging company when there are already so many in the beauty arena?

We get asked this frequently and the answer is simply: We do things differently and we see the gaps. Our core global team is formed from the highly respected and most experienced in the industry.

It allows us to develop ideas quickly and intuitively. This entrepreneurial spirit drives us to hunt down breakthrough innovations from around the world that deliver meaningful benefits to both brands and consumers.

We’re not afraid of challenges and our business is structured in a way that decision making is swift and pragmatic. By bringing passion, progressive ideation, and focused personal service to you and your team we strive to contribute to your success and growth.

Our Design DNA

Intelligent design is a passion of ours. It’s what makes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary, lackluster or legend.

Design can take many forms. It can encompass curve, color, ergonomics. It can be a clever function or have an eco-aware and sustainable focus. It can be striking or subtle, cost-effective, or opulent, the list is endless.

At Asquan, it’s our job to help you reinforce your brand story by sharing our passion for what’s new, relevant, and groundbreaking..

Over the course of the year, we soak up inspiration from literally hundreds of different global sources, and every 12 months, we deliver an innovation deck of packaging and inspiring color/material themes, which we invite you to explore.

The best of these cutting edge innovations progress to be part of our portfolio of stock components, reinforcing our growing reputation as a robust, future-focused manufacturing partner.

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Corporate Responsibility

At Asquan, we believe in a beauty industry that globally preserves the environment and values people.

Asquan is committed to enhancing the society we operate in, both locally and globally, by developing innovative primary packaging that is safe for people and the environment and by forging business relationships that are based on transparency and responsibility with all our stakeholders.

The purpose of Asquan’s CSR policy is to ensure an increased commitment at all levels of our organization to work in a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable ways.

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Facilities & Partners

We pride ourselves in providing the finest, world-class manufacturing service focusing on cutting edge design, speed to market, and competitive pricing.

Since inception, we have built strong partnerships with leading facilities across the globe; partnerships that meet with our exacting OC/QA audit protocol.

Our internal team of China-based project managers, in-house production engineers, and QA/QC teams work directly with one another to ensure that a seamless dialogue and critical path is followed for your important project from start to finish.

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