CSR Policy

Environmental Protection
  • Product Design & Lifecycle: We develop and introduce Asquan standard packaging based on the circular plastics  economystandards of reduce, re-use and recycle while bearing quality, safety, functionality, customer requests  and markets trendsin mind.
  • Production Facilities: We ensure our partner factories respect the local environmental protection laws. We also  encouragethem to establish and invest in resource efficient manufacturing practices that reduce pollution and  protect ourenvironment.
  • Raw Materials: We evaluate the raw materials used for our primary packaging based on safety and compliance,  recycled content, supply stability and sourcing. We strive to develop low carbon products to the best of our  abilities.
  • Work Environment: We respect and protect the legal rights of our employees and abide by all fair labor practices  to ensure best working conditions and to encourage work-life balance, diversity, and inclusion. We are a  committed equal opportunity employer and provide a work environment that is free from all forms of  harassment and discrimination.
  • Health & Safety: We strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees as well as safe  and clean product packaging to our customers by ensuring that we conform to local labor laws and  international standards and regulations and beyond.
  • Information Security: We value and protect the privacy and proprietary information of our employees,  customers, and suppliers in accordance with privacy standards.
  • Social Contribution: Through our Ocean Waste Collection Program, we actively contribute to the collection of ocean waste plastic while empowering a regenerative society.
  • Supplier Education & Engagement: We provide our regional suppliers with information and knowledge support  related to sustainable innovations, global news, and developments. We are engaged in educating them regarding  the best and most innovative sustainable practices in the industry through corporate trainings and/or internal  communication.
  • Transparency & Ethics: We conduct business with integrity, transparency, respect, and fairness towards our  business partners and stakeholders.

Management Commitment: Our Executive Committee members and our CEO are committed to both Asquan’s  CSR Policy as well as our Sustainability Strategy and are involved in the development of our sustainable journey  through quarterly reviews of the company’s progress toward our goals.