Eco-Friendly Sponges and Brushes

Asquan Group Pouches and Brushes PETG recycled eco-friendly

Zero-Waste Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Cleansing Sponges

  • Natural Material Rich: made from all-natural material. The konjac sponge is boosted with bamboo charcoal, cleansing even deeper oily skin and removing blackheads.
  • Superior Cleaning Power: this sponge is a natural way to cleanse and super gently exfoliate the face and body. It possesses alkaline property that can alleviate acne.
  • Sustainable: The materials used in making our planet sensible sponges are sustainably sourced and renewable.

Reusable 100% Bamboo & Synthetic Pads

Bamboo Pads

  • Supporting the push for sustainability in beauty, these eco pads are the perfect addition to any cleansing routine.
  • Eco-friendly & Zero Waste: Replace the disposable cotton rounds with these reusable makeup removing pads. Perfect for reducing your footprint on the planet, as these pads will eliminate the need for any wastage.
  • Soft and supple, they are designed to last for years of use. These  super-gentle wipes will glide smoothly across the skin, effortlessly removing any trace of makeup .

Synthetic Pads

  • These make-up remove pads are easy to use and ear to care for! The pads are designed to gently remove heavy makeup, mask, and daily grime – without the need to rub or scrub and with only water.
  • The are soft and durable with soft edges, allowing to reach deep into pores . They are more absorbent than traditional cotton face pads and will last much longer.

FSC Paper-Board Case & Brushes

Discover our new FSC paperboard case, carrying a set of FSC wooden handles brushes!

What is FSC?

  • FSC helps take care of forests, the people and wildlife who call them home. The FSC system can help you to choose wood, paper and other forest products from well-managed forests and/or verified and recycled sources.
  • To ensure that your brushes are ultra-hygienic and completely safe to use, we specifically infused the bristles with collagen, making this set antibacterial.

100% Recyclable PET Pouches & Brushes


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