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Sustainable product packaging is the new industry standard, but we are aware that it also has its challenges.

We understand the limitations and we are here to help. With our resources, from designers to sourcing capabilities, we can help create with you, whether you have a clear direction with benchmarks, or if you need us to provide thoughtful suggestions.

We strive for our packaging to have as many eco-friendly features as possible while maintaining your brand identity.


One of the pillar principles in a circular model for eliminating waste is: RE-USE. With a rechargeable pack, the outer packaging is re-used and the inner packaging can be replaced various times.

By opting for a refillable design, a brand can use the opportunity to create a special keepsake product that is simple and easy to use while increasing the lifespan of the pack, reducing new material consumption and reducing disposable waste.

Some types of refillables that Asquan offers:

  • Airless Jars
  • Airless Bottles
  • Compacts
  • Lipsticks
  • Refill Pouches

Recycled Plastic

A second pillar principle in a circular model is: RECYCLE. Most items in our Asquan standard catalogue can be produced in recycled plastic.

Please refer to our standard catalogue with full product line-up for lip gloss, lip sticks, mascara, jars for emulsions or  loose powders, compacts,palettes, tubes, or tottles in PCR material.

The recycled materials we use can be GRS certified and are available in these types: PCR PET, PCR HDPE, PCR PP & PCR ABS

Depending on the type and design of the pack, we can recommend the most suitable PCR %.

Mono Material

When a product is said to be mono material, that is  merely stating that all parts of the product are made  from the same plastic recyclablematerial. This allows  easy sorting for recycling, without having to  disassemble at the end of life.

Asquan offers minimalistic and chic mono material packaging both for skincare and cosmetics. The ranges include lipsticks, compacts, jars, tottles, tubes and sticks, all of which can also be produced  in  PCR plastic.

Paper & Other

Made from FSC certified paper with the possibility  to print in soy ink, our paper packaging reduce new plastic material consumption.

They are  customizable, eco-friendly and can be recyclable. Paper is easy to recycle back into paper and can be  recycled 5 to 7 times.

Types of paper packaging we provide include:

  • Paper sticks and lipsticks, etc.
  • Refillable Paper Palettes, for a longer lifecycle
  • Magnet Free Closing System, for higher recyclability


Aluminum can be recycled unlimited times and it is a  widely recycled material worldwide.

Asquan provides aluminium or tin compacts, palettes, jars and bottles with different options for caps and inserts.

Depending on the design, when the product is  completely used, the pack can be re-used, upcycled or recycled.


Glass is 100% recyclable and can be continuously  recycled without loss in quality or purity. Because of  its recyclability, using glass could reduceemissions and  usage of raw materials.

Asquan offers a range of glass bottles, droppers and jars.


Bioplastics are materials that are either biobased (made partially or completely from plants) or  biodegradable or both.

Bioplastic materials that are available with our partner factories are:

  • Green LDPE
  • Green HDPE
  • PLA
  • Wood + Plastic Blends