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In 2020, Beauty Packaging predicted “the Hair Care Market in the U.S. to grow by $1.15 billion with a higher growth rate after the Covid-19 outbreak “ and they were right:

Hair care is booming !!

From colours, supplements, treatments, creams and overnight mask hydration, 2021 is the year of the haircare explosion!

We could relate this to the fact that beauty and hair salons are still closed, and consumers are increasingly  without a doubt looking for do-it-yourself-at-home haircare colouring, hydrating and styling products !

Discover our extended selected of packaging for all your haircare needs, including eco-friendly options!


Design and create a luxurious keep sake product that will reflect your brand or customer’s identity. This family of jars is perfect for any heavy formulation such as creams, conditioners and hair masks. For eco-friendly option, discover our refillable jars in simple and easy to use designs, with airless and recyclable options !


Our airless bottles packaging is focused on functionality and protecting natural products, including new refillable and recyclable designs. These airless bottles can be combined with endless possibilities of brushes, foaming pump or misting spray delivering the product instantly. Combined, these high-tech and stylish droppers’ collections have something for every taste.

From bulb to bottles, their wide variety of dispensers can be tailored to your needs. With a sleek ergonomically designed pumps, they are convenient for dispensing haircare serums, oils, and other light formulations.


Tubes offer convenience, portability and flexibility to hold and dispense a wide variety of products such as creams, gels and even heavy formulations. From breaking prevention to enhanced deco, tubes remain top packages for hair care. To ensure precision and localised application, check out our precision nozzle tubes. Tubes come in an array of sizing options from full to promo option- all within the same family, to ensure that all your customer’s wants are being met.


In alignment with our commitment to constantly improve the environmental footprint of our packaging, we offer a wide selection of sustainable primary pack options for hair care.

Discover our refill pouches that will help you reduce plastic waste by up to 98 % ! These recyclable refill pouches can be sold together or separately with our primary packaging. They are completely customizable to the size, look and feel of your dreams !

These sustainable packaging together with the recyclable refill pouch will enable millions of consumers to change the way they buy, use and dispose of their haircare packaging WW. Instead, they will be able to reduce, reuse and recycle !!


Because we know that hair care package size also matters: For traveling purpose or simply going to the beach, we offer our products in smaller formats so that you can tuck them in a purse ! These smaller sized options will also allow consumers to discover new products while still promoting brand loyalty !

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