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Color Pop Palette

An “everyday” palette that still knows how to have a good time – the 10-well Color Pop palette promises to channel some fun and creativity every time you open it.

With a versatile platform that was designed to conceal any unsightly welding marks to allow full impact of vibrant color
when open, and a sleek peripheral accent of what lies within when closed, this palette balances sophistication with the perfect touch of playfulness.
Take the fun a step further with an eco-conscious aspect and incorporate PCR into the mix (standard PCR color limitations will apply).

Ø24 x 4mm (10 wells)

Easy Airless

Redefining “easy” has never been…well, easier…until now. True to its name, the Easy Airless delivers the sought-after airless pump experience with an almost impossibly simple disassembly AND refillable structure that can also be made in PCR materials. Key parts need only a twist for removal or replacement.


Want to recycle? Easy!
With all mono-material parts except the pump, simply unscrew the pump head and the remaining parts can go directly into your blue recycle bins.

Want to refill? Easy!
Just unscrew the empty cartridge from the base then twist in the new refill cartridge and reuse
base and overcap.

Want to be even more sustainable? Easy!
Choose PCR material for your Easy Airless.

Who said “easy” was too good to be true? For us, Easy Airless is too good not to be true!

Essential Refillable Push Button Tottle

Another beautifully innovative addition to our gorgeously clean and sophisticated Essential Collection. The Push Button Tottle is a 30ml refillable unit with integrated tottle spring that dispenses out of the precision nozzle by depressing the tottle body from the end. There are two available size offerings of nozzle orifice (1.2mm & 2mm) to compliment a wide variety of formula viscosities. The tottle + nozzle refill unit snaps in and out of the outer housing for an easy and intuitive refill story.

Essential Compact Family

**Coming Soon**

Clean and simple compact range with ultimate versatility.  Two main housings are accepting of a variety of platform inserts, while the lid insert can be clear to bring the focus on color, or opaque to include a mirror. An essential component to any line.

59 mm

Standard Launches

Semi Circle

Our latest launch, the Semi-circle 8.5ml, changes the face of gloss and liquid lip, offering a showstopping futuristic aesthetic that complements today’s technologically advanced formulas perfectly.

Suitable for cream lip and eye textures, lip gloss and lip toppers and available with a variety of tips and applicators.

OFC 9.8ml
Claim Weight 8.5ml

Serenity Tottle

Capturing the simple charm of a smoothly worn pebble, the Serenity Tottle is tactile and elegant.

Perfect for liquid foundation, illuminator, bronzer and lightweight skincare formulations.

OFC 39.8ml
Claim Weight 34.8ml

Hard & Soft Tottle

The Hard & Soft Tottle is designed for today’s modern lightweight skincare and foundation formulas.

Its unique construction includes two rigid plates mounted front and back into a flexible bottle facilitating precision delivery and numerous decorative combinations. The pack design is conveniently sized and lightweight making it handbag and travel friendly.

OFC 36ml
Claim Weight 32ml

Slim & Chic

Slim & Chic is a portable double-ended concept, designed to showcase two complementary shades of liquid lip, pigment, gloss, or cream eyeshadow formulations in one sleek pack.

Modern minimalism meets practical and pocket-friendly.

OFC 5.3ml x 2
Claim Weight 4.5ml x 2

Parklane Collection

Simple and elegant compact with a reduced part count and mechanical non-magnetic snap closure that brings a sense of luxury to any brand. The angled platform draws attention down to the formulation to truly bring the focus onto color and texture.

Would you like a refillable story? This pack has been designed in such a way to keep the depth of the pan consistent while also being able to include a magnetic sheet for refill if so desired. 2mm of head space between the lid and the pan well opening for raised formulations.


Essential Tottle Family

Clean and sophisticated squeezable tottle body with a 2mm nozzle opening size that would suit most formulations. From color to skincare, this tottle will do the job.


Essential Airtight Sticks

A sleek and sophisticated stick with variable fill weight capacity. This top-filled unit is suited to fit a fill weight ranging from 8g to 12g – opening up a range of formulations that can be housed in this one pack.

variable 4-8g
variable 8-12g