Refillable Paper Palette

If you are looking for plastic free, look no further than Asquan’s paper packaging. We can offer compacts and palettes in FSC certified paper and recycled paper. They are customizable in different shapes and sizes and can also be decorated in soy ink printing.

Is paper always more eco-friendly than plastic? The answer is never straightforward, but paper is only sustainable if it’s recycled or if it is FSC (or PEFC) certified meaning that the trees are from a production forest and do not contribute to deforestation. Paper is also easy to recycle back into paper and can be recycled 5 to 7 times.

For a packaging with a longer life-cycle, opt for our rechargeable paper palettes. They are customizable, eco-friendly and can be recyclable. Depending on the dimensions, concept and use of the pack, we can recommend the most suitable design in order to be as sustainable as possible while keeping a good quality and functionality of the pack.

Forgo The Magnet

Take one step further towards sustainability and forgo the mirror as well as the magnetic closure system. Asquan’s alternatives include (but not limited to): an elastic band which can be cut and removed so the refillable paper palette can be recycled and, better yet, a friction fit closing system. This system snaps the lid into place without the risk of it dropping off. At Asquan, we are continuously working with our partners to embrace a circular economy by designing and producing recyclable packaging.

Please make sure to ask your Asquan sales contact for more details.

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