Rotating Airless

ASquan Packaging Rotating Airless Jars Brush

Discover our innovative dispensing solutions that will help preserve the integrity of natural formulations : Asquan’s rotating airless !!

Rotating Airless Jars

With their special airless function design, combining a container with a non-pressurized dispensing method, there is no need to touch the product avoiding contamination, protecting the formulation from exposure to air and promoting it’s long-lasting efficacity. The right balance between decorating techniques, custom options combined with brand’s design aesthetic, and visual cues (signs) will help you convey the right message with the perfect airless design.

From 30mL to 50mL, their unique rotating actuator and attached flow-through brush and sponge applicators make this packaging ideal to get into every corner of the body !

Rotating Airless Pens

Discover our Airless pens  for Custom dispensing and decorate them to the look and feel of your dream !

These Portable Twist Up Airless Pen come with many different heads ! From sponges to brushes and flat applicators, they can be used for many formulations such as Skin Care, Facial Cleanser, Toner, Lotion, Cream, Liquid Foundation, Essence and Serum !

When activated by a single rotary pulse, the pump will produce a vacuum effect dispensing one dose of the product before its application by smoothing or circular movements. The pens are offered in two pieces to optimize the industrial process of assembling, and the twist up pump out design bottles are easy to fill and to use due to their large opening! Their special range of soft touch pens comes with a choice of four different applicators (brushes, sponge, dome shape brush and hard applicator)

Please make sure to ask your Asquan sales contact for more details.

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