Asquan Group is rapidly earning a reputation for standout packaging innovation, and our portfolio of stock components is growing dynamically month by month.

Helping to translate your brand story into tangible and desirable products is what we are great at. What you can’t find in our stock portfolio, we can create or customize. Our decoration technology is cutting edge and our international design team are on hand to bring your ideas to life with high-quality 2D and 3D visualization, 3D printing and functioning models.


From standard lipsticks and lipgloss to slim sticks and minis, we have your pretty pucker covered.


Compacts, kits, sticks, pencils, eyeliners and pens, mascaras, liquid and crème shadow packs round out our selection to make your eyes pop.


We introduce new collections to our standard stock every year, and have a plethora of gorgeous sets on hand to choose from.