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Asquan Group is rapidly earning a reputation for standout packaging innovation, and our portfolio of stock components is growing dynamically month by month.

Helping to translate your brand story into tangible and desirable products is what we are great at. What you can’t find in our stock portfolio, we can create or customize. Our decoration technology is cutting edge and our international design team are on hand to bring your ideas to life with high-quality 2D and 3D visualization, 3D printing and functioning models.

Lipstick and Lipgloss

From standard lipsticks and lipgloss to slim sticks and minis, we have your pretty pucker covered.

Our Asquan catalogue of lip-centric packaging is extensive, luxurious, and also refillable !

Our charming and elegant SEMI-CIRCLE? Our cute and sweet BUNNY LIP KIT TRIO for a casual touch up on the go? Our practical, pocket-friendly SLIM & CHIC duo? Or our vibe-inducing, dramatic and luxurious DARK & DANGEROUS?? So many to choose from!!

Eyes & Mascara

Different eyes, different looks, and different users.

Compacts, kits, sticks, pencils, eyeliners and pens, mascaras, liquid and crème shadow packs round out our selection to make your eyes pop.

Mascaras are among the most difficult and most technically challenging cosmetic products to produce, even though they are an essential step of even the most minimalistic beauty routine.

The challenge is not just to create the right formula, but to also enhance its performance by combining it with just the right pack and applicator.

Asquan is the perfect partner to help you with your mascara pack journey.

Pens, Pencils & Eyeliners

Mini eye and brow pencils are perfect for the on the go touch up!

With a bevy of pencil diameters and shapes to choose from, we are sure to have the component you need. Need a smudger or spoolie? We have those too! Let us help you find exactly what you need.

When it comes to liquid eyeliner, everybody has their own preference and swears by a certain type of applicator. With our wide selection of standard tips ranging from a slender micro for a delicate daytime look, to a bold, broad applicator for an audacious night time style, Asquan has you covered.

Sticks & Chubby Sticks

Our sleek and sophisticated sticks are opening up a range of formulations that can be housed in this one pack. Perfect for balms, highlighter, blush, solid foundation lip care, concealers, or primers.

Our wide range of sticks are also suitable for all forms of decoration, including spray, soft-touch, UV lacquer and vacuum metalization, and for secondary processes such as hot stamping and screen printing.

In our continuing efforts to provide sustainable options, our sticks can be made with PCR materials, or in mono-material designs.


Our clean and squeezable tottles are designed for today’s modern formulas. From color to skincare, tottles will do the job.

With their soft moulded bottles, our tottle are smooth, tactile and elegant. Perfect for liquid foundation, illuminator, bronzer and lightweight skincare formulations. The modern aesthetic is chic and functional, allowing for effortless product dispensing.

Their unique construction includes a flexible bottle facilitating precision delivery and numerous decorative combinations.

Our  packs are conveniently sized and light weight making them handbag and travel friendly.

Compacts & Palettes

Discover the sleek and slim design with our range of palettes and compacts. A perfect way to showcase your on-trend hues, these bright spring hues and beautiful formulation textures.

Take another step towards sustainability and forgo Asquan’s alternatives mirror as well as a magnetic closure system on paper palettes and refillable compacts !

Makeup - Collections

We introduce new collections to our standard stock every year, and have a plethora of gorgeous sets on hand to choose from.

Our growing stock catalogue covers everything: plastics, metals (stamped and injection moulded), patented cushion systems, eye, liquid eye, brow sticks and pencils, compacts, lipsticks and lip liner sticks, glosses, mascaras, pots, jars, and paperboard.

Our in-house team of designers and engineers work diligently every year to bring the most up-to-date and innovative designs to the market.  We are keen to the demands of the market and are adamant about designing with sustainability in mind.  Our team has been working hard to ensure we are designing for specific eco-friendly materials, as well as for complete recyclability, and refill-ability.  Whether you are looking for a fully custom or semi-custom packaging solution or delivery system, our team is on hand to make your dreams a reality.

Year over year we strive to add the best designs and most innovative delivery systems to our standard catalogue to choose from.  We are on a mission to ensure that the things we create are of the upmost quality with sustainability at the forefront of everything we create.

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