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Demand for higher performance active ingredients and cleaner formulations means using fewer preservatives. Today’s packaging needs to work harder to keep ingredients safe from contamination.

Asquan has an extensive catalogue of airless pumps, pots, airtight compacts, tubes, tottles, and glass and plastic droppers and bottles for every price point.


We offer a wide selection in a variety of sizes and material options, from cost effective single walled jars to luxury, double walled pots and jars for your creams and thick serums.

Design and create a luxurious keep sake product that will reflect your brand or customer’s identity.

Discover our easy-to-use jars in airless and refillable designs, mono-material, and PCR options. The look and feel of our eco-friendly jars is more high-end than your typical sustainable package.


Clean, sophisticated, and squeezable, our tottles are designed for today’s modern formulas. From color to skincare, our tottles will do the job.

Their unique construction includes a flexible bottle facilitating precision delivery, and numerous decorative combinations.

Our  packs are conveniently sized and light weight making them handbag and travel friendly.

Portable and cost effective, our tottles are suitable for all textures of skincare, liquid makeup and hybrid BB, CC, and DD creams.


Droppers are the most suitable packaging for trendier low viscosity skincare formulas that allow dosage of the product drop by drop, applying it only where it is needed and using only the right amount.

With a sleek ergonomically designed pumps, they are convenient for dispensing serums, oils, and other light formulations

Discover our high-tech and stylish droppers’ collections that have something for every taste. From bulb to bottles, their wide variety of dispensers can be tailored to your needs.


Portable and cost effective, our tubes are suitable for all textures of skincare, liquid makeup and hybrid BB, CC, and DD creams.

We offer a wide range of skincare tubes and applicators  sizes, materials, closures and tips with a multitude of standard, easy, and unique dispensing application, to fit your formulation needs, and less packaging used overall.

Pump & Bottles

We have complete cohesive family sets with a wide range of sizes, materials, shapes, topers and decorations.

Through our large choice of bottles and dispensing solutions that will add extra functionality to your products, we put hygiene at the forefront of our catalogue.

Our airless pump bottles are both aesthetic and functional, offering simple yet effective dispensing methods, high end luxurious look and feel to your packaging while also preserving your formulas.

We also offer 100% PCR bottles improving efficiencies and eco-friendliness of our designs.


Our airless catalogue is extensive and covers all categories and sizes from elegant pumps to luxurious jars.

Everything you need for your cream, serum, and hybrid makeup or skincare formulations.

Our Airless packaging is focused on functionality and will help preserving the integrity of your natural formulations by keeping the active ingredients safe.

The airless bottles, jars, and tubes can be combined with endless possibilities of sleek ergonomically designed brushes, foaming pump or misting spray delivering the product instantly.


We have the perfect packaging to host a wide range of formulations. The bottles come in a variety of sizing and dispensing options, and the traditional pumps with their clean lines add a sophisticated look for treatments, oils and serums.

Our jars will create touch of elegance and are perfect for carrying creams, gels, waxes, pastes, balms or pomades. They are also perfect for high-end creams, lotions, and gels.

The modern lines, shapes, and closures combined with a wide choice of finishing options, design, and decorative effects will give free rein to your imagination to reflect any company’s brand identity and philosophy.

In alignment with our commitment to constantly improve the environmental footprint of our packaging, we offer a wide selection of sustainable primary pack options for hair care with refill and recyclable features.


When prestige meets eco: if you are looking for your next luxury sustainable line, we have the perfect fit !

Tomorrow’s trending formulas are sheer, lightweight and as fluid as water.

We have a comprehensive range of elegant and minimal glass designs that will complement your products perfectly.

Sustainable Skincare

With today’s beauty consumer more environmentally conscious than ever, sourcing recyclable, reusable and overall sustainable packaging is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Moving towards more sustainable skincare packaging, Asquan continuously seeks for new ways to minimise its waste in all aspect of packaging, reducing as much as possible new plastic usage, emission, and raw materials without losing the quality and purity of its products.

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