Eco-Vadis Bronze Medal

Asquan Group Ecovadis 2021 Bronze Medal Sustainability

Asquan is on a roll!

After contributing to the collection of plastic waste equivalent to the weight of 1 million bottles in 2020 and committing to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative in 2021, we have a new achievement to share.

We are proud to announce that Asquan has been awarded the Ecovadis Bronze Medal this year! This places us in the top 25% of companies rated by Ecovadis in the Manufacture of plastic products industry.

Ecovadis is a global collaborative platform providing sustainability ratings by evaluating a company’s Ethics, Labor & Human Rights, Environment and Sustainable Procurement practices.

This medal offers tangible evidence of Asquan’s commitment to sustainability. And we promise that our progress does not stop here!

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