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asquan eco

With our commitment to sustainability, our designs are also offered with refill and recyclable features. The bottles above are available in 100% PCR PET material which is GRS certified and can be easily recycled for the most part.

Please make sure to ask your Asquan sales contact for more details

We have the perfect packaging family to host a wide range of formulations. The large bottle volumes can carry shampoo and conditioner, and their clean lines add a sophisticated look for treatments, oils and serums. The jar creates touch of elegance and is perfect for carrying larger volumes creams, gels, waxes, pastes, balms or pomades. It is also great for high-end creams, lotions, and gels.

We take pride in offering the best to our customers.

Discover our new packaging for haircare and skincare, focused on protecting your products and promoting your sustainable journey!

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