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Refill stations for beauty products are good for the environment but they are not always accessible in Covid times or might not fit with your brand image or budget. Regardless, Asquan can still help you offer your customers refillable products. All you need are Asquan’s refillable skincare packs and our mono-material refill pouch!

The pouch includes a bag, spout and cap all in PE material and is customizable with 4 color options, various sizes, and a range filling capacities.

Pair the pouch with a pump, bottle or jar (as image below) for all your haircare and skincare needs. This way, a brand can use the opportunity to create a special keepsake product that is simple and easy to use while lengthening the lifecycle of the pack, reducing new material consumption, and reducing disposable waste.

For an extra boost of sustainability, this injection molded haircare pack family is made in 100% PCR PET material which is GRS certified and can be easily recycled for the most part.

Follow the circularity thought process!

At Asquan, we follow the circular design principles to the best of our abilities. One of the pillar principles in a circular model for eliminating waste is: RE-USE. With a refillable pack, the outer packaging is re-used several times to reduce new material consumption as well as waste.

Another principle towards a circular design is RECYCLE. To design for recyclability, we introduce mono material packaging wherever possible. This simply means that all  parts are made from the same material to increase chances of recyclability at the end of life of the product thus reducing disposable waste.

Please make sure to ask your Asquan sales contact for more details.

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